who we are

Today there is a vast reservoir of energy waiting to be tapped if only the right idea would present itself.  We believe we have that idea with our unique lattice-structure design which naturally incorporates resiliency and a maximal density of energy capture per incident ocean wave, while also working in tandem with other storm mitigation solutions to protect our coastlines and cities.  We are looking for partners on this journey both financially and technically who see the great potential of our patent-pending idea, and who would like to be a part of our team of entrepreneurs who are going to shake up the world with this unique idea at the cutting edge of this technology.

we believe in The Simple Elegance Found in the most efficient of designs.


our approach

We are former City College of New York, CUNY, Mechanical Engineering students utilizing a patent-pending design to change the world of energy production and consumption, and protect the world's precious coastlines. 

We believe in simple, elegant approaches to design and engineering, whereby rather than solving problems through tacked-on, and therefore often unreliable solutions, we organically incorporate into the design itself the desired specifications and attributes that we are looking to attain, and naturally iterate our designs until an optimal idea presents itself.  We utilize all of the engineering resources and skills that we haves access to, and also look to nature to discover the awesome simplicity that often lies in the greatest of ideas.

"As always, there are fewer people who know what to do, rather than how to do it."

 -- James L. Flanagan, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lead Researcher

Ocean Wave Energy AnD Storm MITIGATION Solution